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The primary purpose of our I2 HR Employee Opinion & Job Satisfaction Surveys is to provide your management team insight (statistically validated) into your employee's work-place attitudes and opinions. Think of it as a "Customer Satisfaction Survey" - but only with your current employees - so you can get a better "pulse" of the organization.

The survey includes:

  • 90 True/false questions
  • An essay section that can be completely customized to include specific questions you want asked, and vital to your business. It can be administered at the same time or subsequent to the true/false questions survey
  • A "secret code" system to ensure confidentiality and maximum employee participation.

Various report formats provide for employee and management response reporting, and by office or location/branch survey groups.

I2 HR Consultants assist you in the "Survey" administration, and report facilitation - and if you request - developing follow-up action plans and their implementation.

There is no more cost-effective method that a company can use, to gather employee's opinions, suggestions and ideas. Your employees will appreciate the fact that their input is welcome.

Special Features Summary:

  • Essay section can be customized
  • Results breakdown by survey groups
  • On line administration (a paper version is available)
  • Statistically validated
  • Follow-up action plan development and implementation assistance is available

Click here for a sample true/false survey report.

Click here for a sample essay report.

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Think of it as a customer satisifaction survey for your employees. Get the "pulse" of your organization.

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